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NeoLife Garlic Allium Complex | GNLD Nutritionals

NeoLife Garlic Allium Complex | GNLD Nutritionals

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Neolife Garlic Allium Complex Tablets - Product Description

  • GNLD nutritional supplement
  • With natural antimicrobial properties
  • Contains 4200 mcg of allicin from pure garlic powder in each serving, with bioactive compounds from onions, chives, and leeks
  • With exclusive targeted delivery technology that delivers garlic’s active allicin directly to your intestine, eliminating aftertaste and maximizing absorption
  • With No-odor formula to minimize garlic breath
  • Contains rosemary, a potent, antioxidant herb that helps protect the tablet contents
  • Quantity: 60 tablets
  • Active Ingredients: Active allicin, S-allyl cysteine 
  • Item Weight: 50 grams
  • Brand: NeoLife GNLD

NeoLife Garlic Allium Complex is a state-of-the-art, whole-food supplement delivering standardized amounts of allicin, the key sulphur compound in garlic, plus other beneficial Allium nutrients that support heart health. The Targeted Delivery Technology ensures that bioactive allicin reaches the intestines, where it delivers optimal benefit. NeoLife Garlic Allium Complex contains rosemary, a potent antioxidant herb that helps protect tablet contents.

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NeoLife Garlic Allium Complex Ingredients:

2 tablets contain 4200 µg of active allicin plus S-allyl cysteine and a complete lipid profile of garlic and onion oleoresins (equivalent to 1800 mg fresh garlic and 900 mg fresh onion).

Each enteric-coated tablet contains GNLD’s unique Garlic Allium Blend of whole food garlic concentrate plus other allium family members (onions, leeks, and chives). 

Garlic Allium Complex Benefits:

✓ Helps retain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

✓ Supports healthy circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots.


Take 2 tablets daily.

Don't exceed the recommended dosage.

To assure breath freshness, do NOT chew tablets.

Neolife garlic tablets don't cause any side effects if taken in the right dosage.

Store in a cool place at room temperature.

Keep out of reach of children.

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