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bf suma

X Power Man Plus Capsules BF Suma

X Power Man Plus Capsules BF Suma

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X Power Man Plus Capsules - Product Description

  • The superman power supplement
  • For man - Energetic and confident
  • Dietary Supplement for men
  • With Epimedium and black ginger extract
  • With Fresh maca
  • With Taurine and L-Arginine 
  • Quantity: 30 capsules
  • Manufacturer: BF Suma USA

Bf Suma X power man plus capsules contain powerful natural aphrodisiac substances. These aphrodisiac substances not only improve performance but also help raise sexual arousal and enjoyment in men

X power man plus capsules ingredients:

Fresh maca, Epimedium, black ginger, L-arginine, and Taurine.

✓ Epidemium is a natural organic aphrodisiac (stimulating desire) herb that is used as a performance enhancer.

✓ Fresh Maca energizes the body, increases the production of testosterone, and boosts sex drive.

✓ Black ginger helps in muscular metabolism and endurance.

✓ L-arginine is the raw material for sperm synthesis.

✓ Taurine boosts energy and relieves fatigue.

 Bf suma X power man plus capsules contain the extra power every man must have.

Xpower man plus benefits

✓ Enhances and improves sexual desires.

✓ Builds stamina by improving blood flow to the sexual organ hence stimulating arousal for that ultimate athletic performance.

✓ Increases sperm count, semen volume, and sperm motility.

✓ Prevents male impotence and erectile dysfunction.

✓ Relieves fatigue and exhaustion.

✓ Improves masculine power and strength.

Suggested dosage:

Take 1 to 2 Xpower man plus capsules daily after meals.

Don't exceed the recommended dosage.

No known side effects.

Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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This makes you regain your stamina, strength and vigor. Xpower man is 100% herbal. Stay strong.